VIP Protection & Investigation Services

We supply reliable and professional executive and VIP protection. The team has a wide experience in the close protection of Government, Corporate and VIP personnel and will strive to offer tailored protection with the lowest level of interruption to the client's routine. It consists of a small group of independent security specialists. The consultants achieve professional verification by adopting a transparency in their operations, allowing their peers to scrutinise their practices.

In today’s world corporations face a multitude of security challenges. Corporations can be vulnerable to a variety of attacks, threats and competitors. These include workplace violence, threats from ex-employees, aggressive conservationist, theft of proprietary information and acts of sabotage. Such corporations require an objective security solutions company working with them.

Information is a corporation’s single valuable asset and corporate espionage can be a corporation’s greatest enemy. We can prevent such damage by helping organizations to protect and retain such vital information.

“Everything yields to diligence”

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