Static Retail

With a wide range of threats which companies face today, the presence of quality Security personnel gives peace of mind. Operating with leading Retailers Pyrex Security has developed a substantial working Knowledge on Retail Crime.

Effective Loss Prevention strategies in conjunction with the presence of Security Personnel can reduce the risks which your Organisation may face. These threats to your company may come from either Internal Source such as disgruntled staff and poor housekeeping or Externally through Fraud, Larceny, and Assault on staff, and higher risk threats such as Terrorism.

Our uniformed Industrial Security personnel are suitable for all areas including Front Office duties in manufacturing companies where they can assist In-house staff in their duties by screening visitors, mail and calls, if required. All staff is trained in the use of latest technologies such as Cameras, scanners and Fire Systems.

Pyrex Security Personnel are trained to the highest standards. All staff undergoes a Basic Training Programme which includes Modules on Workplace Violence, Proprietary Information and Conflict Management.

"Security is not a Product, but a Process"

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