CCTV Monitoring

Current Legislation requires staff to comply with the Legal Rules of running and operating CCTV Systems. All our Staff is fully trained. CCTV monitoring can be considered as an enhanced Management tool to protect people and property.

Our reputation for Professionalism and Services Superiority gained through working closely with the Vendors, Manufacturers and Service Providers across many Industries. This makes us inclusive in the field of CCTV Monitoring & CCTV Monitoring Solutions. CCTV Monitoring ensures Virtual Onsite Presence (VOP) and improves the Security and Risk Management of your Business.

Central Monitoring Station (CMS) monitors alarms generated remotely and provides the pre-planned customized response to cater to individual needs. Our Complete Solution includes Electronic Alarm System, Remote Central Monitoring & Response Service.

As demanded by BS5979, this is a secure environment, redundant power, communications and IT infrastructure. Servers continually analyse the apparatus at the clients' facilities, and any malfunction is reported for solution by the appropriate maintenance team.

The Control Room is manned by experienced and qualified personnel able to view and challenge intruders before damage or theft occur. If necessary, they have direct links to Local Police Response teams. We supply and install a full range of technical security systems. After evaluating your security needs our team will design and install a security solution that will meet your requirements.

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